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Nick Sly, Impacts from Supply Chain Disruptions

March 23, 2022
Wednesday 12:00 PM
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Nicholas Sly, Assistant Vice President, Economist and the Denver Branch Executive at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, recently wrote an article on the inconsistent geographic distribution of disruptions to supply chain costs. Dr. Sly will discuss issues raised in the article, including how regional business are adjusting to ongoing supply disruptions in Colorado and surrounding states. For a link to the article, see:

Nicholas Sly is serves as the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City's regional economist and its representative in the states of Colorado, Wyoming and in northern New Mexico. Dr. Sly works closely with the Branch’s board of directors and is responsible for briefing the President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City on economic conditions in the Denver branch’s region. Prior to joining the Bank in 2015 Dr. Sly was associate professor of economics at the University of Oregon. He graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a degree in mathematics and economics and earned his PhD in economics from Michigan State University.

Slides from Dr. Sly's presentation are attached to this event and are available for download.

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