Job Announcement: Budget and Policy Analyst, Colorado Department of Revenue (DOR)

The Colorado Department of Revenue (DOR) is seeking a Budget and Policy Analyst to contribute to the Department's fiscal note and policy analysis efforts.

Under the direction of the Department's Legislative and Fiscal Note Manager, this position will be an integral part of fulfilling the Department's mission through policy analysis and implementation. This position contributes to the Department's fiscal note and policy analysis efforts. The Department analyzes and responds to over 200 pieces of proposed legislation during the legislative session. This unit develops and coordinates the Department's operational and fiscal analysis of proposed legislation and develops and delivers the Department's response to Legislative Council.

Responsibilities include:
- Manages a caseload for the Department's process for responding to over 200 pieces of proposed legislation
- Administer the Department's Legislative Tracking System
- Coordinating with financial and program staff, analyze the fiscal and operational impacts of proposed legislation
- Write fiscal notes for specified subject areas
- Reviews and modifies fiscal notes
- Communicates with Legislative Council Staff
- Supports the implementation of newly passed legislation
- Facilitates fiscal note reporting for Department management

Interested parties can find out more information on this position at the following link:

The job posting closes on October 31st.

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Posted: October 17, 2022 Monday 04:09 PM