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Katie Calhoun and Daniel Brisson on the Denver Basic Income Project

September 22, 2021
Wednesday 12:00 PM
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DABE is excited to host Dr. Daniel Brisson and Katie Calhoun of the University of Denver to discuss the Denver Basic Income Project. This project will be providing individuals experiencing homelessness with direct cash payments to promote more stable housing, reduced income volatility, and opportunities for stable employment. The organization has teamed up with researchers at the University of Denver, headed by Dr. Daniel Brisson, to study the program's effectiveness. Presenters will share the mission and vision of the organization, and details for the planned research project, its contribution to the study of basic income, and what previous research has shown.

Dr. Daniel Brisson is a Professor, and the Director of the Center for Housing and Homelessness Research (CHHR), at the Graduate School of Social Work, University of Denver. Dr. Brisson’s scholarship focuses on poverty, high-poverty neighborhoods, affordable housing, and homelessness. Dr. Brisson has ongoing community partnerships around Colorado and the country with social service providers and other stakeholders interested in addressing challenges related to poverty. Dr. Brisson has written extensively on the role of neighborhood social cohesion as a mediator for the health and well-being of families living in high-poverty neighborhoods. Currently, Dr. Brisson is focusing on community partnerships with affordable housing providers and guaranteed basic income programs. Dr. Brisson teaches research methods, statistics, and macro social work practice with a focus on poverty alleviation.

Katie Calhoun is a PhD student at the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Social Work. She studies innovative responses to poverty and homelessness that challenge systems of oppression. She is currently on the research team of the Denver Basic Income Project as the lead analyst.

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