Prior DABE Events

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Prior DABE Events
04/17/24 Exploring a Treasure Trove of Data: A Presentation by the Director of the Bureau of Economic Analysis
03/20/24 Land Value Tax: A Better Tax and Way to Solve the Housing Affordability Crisis?
02/21/24 Why and How to Dollarize Argentina
01/17/24 Denver Economic Outlook: What’s in Store for 2024 and Beyond? *POSTPONED*
12/04/23 EXTERNAL EVENT: CU Boulder, Leeds Business School, Colorado Business Economic Outlook & Forum
11/16/23 An Evening with Chris Stiffler Celebrating his Book, Economics In-Other-Words
10/10/23 Discussion of Statewide November Ballot Measures
08/23/23 DABE Summer Event 2023
07/12/23 Alex Padilla - The Grecian horse: how much impact do immigrants have on economic state policies and institutions?
06/14/23 Webinar Only - John Carter - What's Next for the Banking Industry?
05/17/23 Glenn Furton - Hobbes & Homelessness: What do we know about those that are unhoused?
05/09/23 DABE May 2023 Happy Hour at Cohesion Brewing
04/11/23 Patty Silverstein, Denver Metro Economic Outlook
03/14/23 Steven Smith, Water Economics
02/15/23 Manufacturing Renaissance in Colorado - True, False, or Both
01/18/23 George DeMartino: The Tragic Science: How Economists Cause Harm (Even as they Aspire to do Good)
12/21/22 No December Luncheon - Happy Holidays!
11/16/22 U.S. & Colorado Construction Outlook: Recession or Resurgence?
10/19/22 Discussion of Statewide November Ballot Measures
09/21/22 Fritz Mayer, Dean of The University of Denver Josef Korbel School on the Global Economy and Russia's Invasion of Ukraine