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COVID's Impacts on Higher Education

January 13, 2021
Wednesday 12:00 PM
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DABE is excited to welcome Dr. Niroj Bhattarai, an assistant professor of economics at Colorado State University. Dr. Bhattarai will present his recent research, co-authored with Jaren Seid, on the potential disruption to student performance at a Northern Colorado community college from COVID-19 during the Spring of 2020. Dr. Bhattarai and Mr. Seid studied whether the change in instruction modality had a negative impact on student performance, particularly on the non-traditional (working, older, and parent) student populations that are typically students in community colleges. They compared student performance data from Spring 2020 to Spring 2019 for students enrolled at a major multi-campus community college in Northern Colorado. Their findings suggest the pandemic did indeed have an impact, and impacts worsened depending on gender and age.