Kenneth D. Simonson
Chief Economist
Associated General Contractors of America

Since 2001, Ken Simonson has been the Chief Economist for the Associated General Contractors of America, the leading national association for construction contractors, suppliers and service providers. His weekly one-page email, Data DIGest, provides 20,000 readers with insight into the economy and what it implies for construction and related industries. Ken has more than 40 years of experience analyzing, advocating, and communicating about economic and tax issues for a variety of business groups, federal agencies and an economic consulting firm.
Ken is a Fellow and past president of the National Association for Business Economics and is a past president of the National Economists Club, now a NABE chapter. He is the co-director of the Tax Economist Forum, a meeting group he co-founded in 1982.
Ken has a BA in economics from the University of Chicago, an MA from Northwestern University, and he has taken advanced graduate courses at the Université de Paris, Johns Hopkins and Georgetown Universities.

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